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PV8442  Nendoroid Goblin Slayer (PVC)
PV8442 Nendoroid Goblin Slayer (PVC)

Greetings Guys He does not let anyone roll the dice. THis Nendo of Goblin Slayer has arrived me safe and sound. Even as a Nendo he looks cool. The Joints are all in a formidable shape. None is too lose nor too hard moving.I haven`t found seamlines, holes or other unsightly surprises. The Cast is good. Same goes for the Goblin. There is one point I have to critize about. And that is, that there is no other Visor/Faceplate! He has the red light trail integrated on his visor, that can be pulled out, but it leaves a big hole. If I look at him from afar it´s no problem, but a closer look, and you can see it. That and that I knew that there is a hole, is absolutely unacceptable for me. There is a second left arm, without shield and many hands. He has a lot of details on his body, like the many pouches he has, the leather belts and straps. But I miss the 2 throwing knifes he wears in front of his hip on the belt. As for the weapons, his short sword is with him. Unfortunately it cannot be sheated in the scabbard. And then there is a club with a blood dripping from it, either for he himself or the Gobbo. There is also a torch, wich we know, he also use as a club. The size of the base is larger, so that he can be displayed with the Goblin. There is even a support arm for the little green runt. For the colorings. Well, in contrast to the Figma the Nendo of him received a proper painting for his ArmorPlates. In a dark metallic tone. The the clothes are in a nice darkgrey and the belts and straps in various browns. The Goblin is, well as lightgreen as a Goblin can be. With a brown loincloth. The flame of the torch is made out of a clear material with a nice colour transition. As the pictures shows us, the red light trail can be illuminated with a LED. Cause I don`t have one, I cannot say how it really looks. Sorry for that. Well I cannot say, that I´m fully satisfied with him as a Nendoroid, but oh well, Its nice to have him as a Nendo. With best regards Mr.Li


Zan Li (Deutschland

PV8502  Figma Goblin Slayer (PVC)
PV8502 Figma Goblin Slayer (PVC)

Greetings Guys He does not let anyone roll the dice. THis Figma of Goblin Slayer has arrived me safe and sound. Well, he looks as great as he is describeb. The Joints are all in a formidable Shape. None is too lose nor too hard moving. Here and there were some very small seamlines or grates. But nothing, what would disturb me too much. He is very detailed. The Armor has here and there some nicks. The clothes are good shaped. And so are the many belts and pouches. The fur around his neck looks fluffy. And the small hair bundle on his helmet looks good. He comes with 2 weapons. His well known short sword and a club. Both are very good designed, especially the club, cause it really looks crude. The Sword can be sheated in the scabbard on his left. His shield is a little bit biggeras described and in the Manga/Anime. The left hand is hidden behind the shield, but originaly it is clearly visible, and the edge doesn`t goes over his elbow. And so the cross shaped scar/nick is bigger. But this detail is not really that bad. To the colouring. Hmm I´m not really fond of the colouring of the Armor plates. They looks too polished and clear. And what I absolutely dislike is, that they coloured the plates on the Legs in a different tone than the ones on his upper body, and that the visor is also in another, lighter tone. His Armorplates should be in one color, cause they are likely made out of the same material. But the clothes on him are nice coloured. They looks great, but I think the belts could have been shaded. Well that´s it for the Figma of Goblin SLayer. I also got the Nendoroid of him, so please read the feedback to his Nendoroid as well. With best regards Mr.Li


Zan Li (Deutschland

PV8055  Himura Kenshin (PVC)
PV8055 Himura Kenshin (PVC)

Greetings Guys Himura Kenshin aka Battosai the Manslayer has come in to my house. Glad I´m not his target. First things first. He comes with a large black Base, with some golden cherry blossom petals printed on. There is a big squareshaped Pin in the foothold. But strangely there is no other small Pin there for his left foot. But there is a small hole in his left foot, for a Pin. In the base is something that should be the Pin, but its way off. It`s approximately 8mm off position. After some research, I learned, that other people have the same Problem. They even posted a official statement from GSC, that says, that all the Bases have the same structure and so it`s not a defect. Seriously GSC and Max Factory?!? That´s very unsatisfying for me. Well let´s go on! After fixing Kenshin on the Base, I could inspect him further. And WOW! Just looking at him, you can feel his powerful movements. His clothes enhance this effect. They are fluttering, but in a very realistic way. Alle the folds on his clothes also looks realistic. Even his Hair is fluttering wildly, cause of his explosive movement from his Attack. The Scabbard of his Katana can be easily shoved into his left hand, where it perfectly fits into his hand. The Scabbard is not hollow, but it`s front has a strange shaped hole. The Sabakato, Kenshins famed Weapon. Well it can also easily shoved into his right hand. But his hand is to wide, so you have to be careful, cause the Katana fell out of his hand. And also, when I took a closer look at this Sabakato, I saw that it`s double egded! The Backside of this Sabakato is also edged. Well there is nothing to complain about the colouring. The folds are realisticaly shaded, while the sublime places are highlighted. And all in smooth Transitions. His face is also very good. This sharp look at the enemy he`s striking at. And also his trademark, the cross shaped Scar. I´m out of space again I´m not 100% satisfied but I won`t regret buying him. Best Regards Mr.Li


Zan Li (Deutschland

PV8730  Tohoku Sisters Set (PVC)
PV8730 Tohoku Sisters Set (PVC)



紫屋六貓 (Taiwan

PV7244 1/8 Jeanne d Arc (PVC)
PV7244 Jeanne d Arc (PVC)



sky knight (China

PV6807  Reika Gantz Sword Version (PVC)
PV6807 Reika Gantz Sword Version (PVC)

All good, perfectly packaged.


mrtorture (Brasilien

PV8333 1/6 Misaki Shie Natsukusa (PVC)
PV8333 Misaki Shie Natsukusa (PVC)

Nice quality figure. Well made and packaged. No problem.

PV7733 1/7 Mash Kyrielight (PVC)
PV7733 Mash Kyrielight (PVC)

My new favourite servant! great sculted, great colour and good options!

PV7998 1/12 Figma Toyosaki Ena (PVC)
PV7998 Figma Toyosaki Ena (PVC)

Super fun figure! As usual great poseability and detail from the figma range!

PV8546 1/8 Aina Sahalin
PV8546 Aina Sahalin

I love this character and the anime, she is really well done!

PV8624  Nendoroid Ash Lynx (PVC)
PV8624 Nendoroid Ash Lynx (PVC)

great figure. well packaged


pennylame (Australien

PV7580 1/8 Yue (PVC)
PV7580 Yue (PVC)

무조껀 구매하세요. 이건 무조껀입니다. 진짜 최상입니다.


깝권 (Südkorea

PV8631  Android 21 Henshin Version (PVC)
PV8631 Android 21 Henshin Version (PVC)

Excellent model : nice sculpt and paint close the game version Android 21 come with two faces , one is a kind Majin girl , the second is an evil face like Majin Boo. Android 21 is the cutest Majin ever :)


resinkanono (Belgien

PV8227 1/6 Hermaphroditus (PVC)
PV8227 Hermaphroditus (PVC)

nice special figure. well made, great details.well packaged

PV8480 1/5 Izayoi Erica Brown Version (PVC)
PV8480 Izayoi Erica Brown Version (PVC)

nice sexy figure. nicely packaged. love it

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