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FG2366 1/5 Namikawara Nazuki
FG2366 Namikawara Nazuki

Re : order number 10076 FG2366 1/5 Namikawara Nazuki I received this figure today. A really splendid 1/5 figure. I jsut can't wait to paint her. I just need to think of somthing different for the bikini though. Again another splendid casting job e2046. I will never get tired to say how good you are.


vellj001 (MLT)

FG1475 1/8 Naked Asuka
FG1475 Naked Asuka

Receive it just on time !!! Nice packaging as usual , casting quality is pretty nice . Good work guys .



FG2409 1/8 Ellene Silvana
FG2409 Ellene Silvana

Another cute witch to add to my collection Nice resin, parts fit well, some seamlines to remove but nothing challenging. I think this one will be really easy to paint. That's a 'can be done in less than one week' kit (if I'm in the mood of course...


glunkly (FRA)

FG2041 1/6 Sakura Shinguji
FG2041 Sakura Shinguji

Well, it's been time since I receive this one so as I al ready start to paint it I can easily speak about the pros and the cons of this kit. First of all, it's a BIG one !! very impressive by the size !! and as always the packing and the checking were done perfectly ! But !! Yes there is a but ! I was a little disapointed by the casting of the face, not exactly a perfect one. And everybody like me knows that a flawless face gives a flawless figure. One of the problem was the neck that doesn't fit very well in the bust and gives a lot lot lot of work of cutting sanding and every method to make it fit perfectly... One more, the detail of the face were so so... So I need to resculpt it to fit my desire... My general thought about this one is that it's still a nice figure but many details must have to be reviewed to make it a perfect one ! http://www.e2046.com/trade/productview/4941


Eldwyn (FRA)

FG2260 1/6 Skuld and Noble Scarlet
FG2260 Skuld and Noble Scarlet

I mostly like all Belldandy or skuld kit so when I like one I buy it without checking for the price. And this one is great !! I won't feedback again on the shipping or e20246's services as usual they are top rated ! Concerning the kit itself I thought it was going to be smaller, but it's really a big one !! And I like big kits !!! The casting reveal lots of details and the parts are intelligently splitted so the painting and the building won't be to difficult. To me this very beautifull kit can be mounted by most of the people from average beginners to high rated specialists.


Eldwyn (FRA)

FG1355 1/8 LM with pilot
FG1355 LM with pilot

A MUST HAVE !!!!! Lot of parts !!! Just imagine 109 parts !!!! Imagine me, on my carpet checking all the parts and starting to remove the little parts of resin from the casting The casting is very very good and the shipping as usual was made using these great plastic box we all receive one day trought e2046.com. The only thing I can say about this one is that it's going to be a difficult one but also One of the most hyper-fun kit to build !! Don't hesitate to buy it !! It worth the price !!


Eldwyn (FRA)

FG2322 1/6 Sailor Mercury
FG2322 Sailor Mercury

Re order number 8554 FG2322 1/6 Sailor Mercury x 1 pc Arrived on 12-8-04 in good order. Excellent casting with little flash and few seam lines.


tfcreate (USA)

FG2363 1/6 Yuna
FG2363 Yuna

Related product number : FG2363 1/6 Yuna You cannot imagine how happy I was when I see E2046 was getting this pre-painted model recast! Yuna is a character I really like and I give-up on this version since it was only release as pre-painted (already get the 1/10 version of the girls). Anyway, nice service as always from E2046, fast shipping and well packed. You got to appreciate that The model itself is pretty nice, not too much mold line or pin holes. Part breakdown is good too, I only wish her back hair piece was separate from her head. The only major problem I got is her head doesn't fit between her arms anymore. Since she was original vinyl/plastic model it was easy to just squeeze it, but no in resin it's another story. I'll surely have to do some resculpting there and make everything fit. Some challenge ahead


animefigurekit (CAN)

FG1784 1/6 Saginomiya Super Big Chest
FG1784 Saginomiya Super Big Chest

order number 9996 FG1784 1/6 Saginomiya Super Big Chest A very well detailed figure, excellent resin, no bubbles, thanks for my base, I forgot to add it in the order I wonder why this kit is so famous between men I'm not planning to paint her, unless the buyer wants to Thank you E2046 staff


smoon (MEX)

FG2382 1/6 Busty Mai
FG2382 Busty Mai

order number 10259: FG2382 1/6 Busty Mai FG1619 1/6 Topless Army Gal Excellent casting and great figures. Thankyou very much E2046!



FG2403 1/6 Kazami Mizuho Summer Version
FG2403 Kazami Mizuho Summer Version

As per usual, the kit arrived in good order thanks to the excellent plastic case and the care in packing the figure. The kit itself is one of those with optional parts; in this case a more R rate upper toro and different heads, each with different hair styles. The molding on the kit is, for the most part, first rate. There is some slight mold mis-alignment with the larger pieces, though not by very much. One exception is the large lower body/leg piece where the mis-alignment is much greater than on the others. It is nothing that can't be sanded out, but I'm wondering if it couldn't be eliminated all together. Though I realize that it is not always possible to have instructions with these kits, it would be quite helpful to have front and rear views of the completed items as determining where some of the hair parts are to be attached might be a problem. Just a suggestion. Other than that, the kit is free of any other imperfections and if it is like the dozens of other kits I've ordered from E 2046, it will be a joy to build. Cheers,


scott (USA)

FG1134 1/6 Sion Barzahd
FG1134 Sion Barzahd

FG1134 1/6 Sion Barzahd This kit is a little smaller than i had expected. It seems more like a 1/7 or 1/8 scale? Still, its a great little kit, perfect casting as usual, and i will take "anything" Bouncer related Thanks E2046!



FG1903 1/6 FM77 Nanaka
FG1903 FM77 Nanaka

I have wanted this kit since I first saw it. Now I am happy!. Anyway, figure looks small for 1/6. There will be extra work to clean the pouring gates. but it should not be any harder than the work to do Meiya kit. hmmm what to order next!


m.davis (USA)

FG2317 1/6 Misato in Sorrow
FG2317 Misato in Sorrow

FG2317 1/6 Misato in Sorrow I decided to get this because Goddess In Training gave it a good run down. The brooding look on her face is compelling to me. So I bit. And today the box was sitting on my desk when I got back to work after the weekend. I ripped into it right away. It took about 8 or 9 days to show up here. Even the strongbox made it without damage. My first impression: this kit is a lot bigger than I expected. I suppose the price tag should’ve been a tip off that this is a little bigger than many of the usual EVA kits. It's listed as 30cm and 15 parts, which looks about right to me. Unexpected pleasures: the cross and sunglasses were cast separately and arrived intact despite how fragile they are. Kudos on that packaging dept! However, a piece of the skirt was chipped off, but was sealed in with the parts, so it will be a very easy repair. Nice cast and detail. I notice a few ripples on one leg, nothing that a little putty can’t fix. Mold seams aren’t bad, and no presanding. This almost looks like one of the first from the mold, but no evidence of that is present. Looks like a reasonable build, and a good size. I like it.


baxojayz (USA)

FG1468 1/6 Sailor Pluto
FG1468 Sailor Pluto

So, I received yesterday my first purchase from E2046! ^^ 1/8 Mineji Toko and SD Mineji. My third kit from 'Girls the gathering'! ^^ 1/6 Sailor Mercury 1/6 Sailor Pluto All about my purchase was perfect! The time for shipment (only one week), the plastic box, very good quality for the kits,... In a few words, there's nothing to be said against this purchase and your good job! See ya very soon for my next purchase feedback!


Aline (BEL)

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