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FG2063 1/6 Christina Pilot Suit

recieved this kit fast and in great packaging. Excellent casting!! Excellent service!! Will stick with E2046 for quite a long time!! FG2063 1/6 Christina Pilot Suit RT0488 1/100 RX-78 GP04G Gerbera FG1926 1/6 Nakahara Komugi Version FG1969 1/8 Mineji Toko and SD Mineji



RT1287 1/144 NRX-044R Prototype Asshimar TR-3

almost dropped my bacon sarnie!! I know alot of people are not keen on the Original kit from Z (although I am) but the C3 AoZ version totally 'kin rocks. I got mine this am from e2046, it is the most amazingly detailed and spectacularly cast resin kit I have ever seen. Only had a quick look over it, but couldn't see any seam lines , relatively little flash and only 2 tiny pin holes. It has loads of small fiddly pieces, but that is what makes this kit so awesome. interior details on the panels, pistons everywhere, very intricate. Not sure it's 1/144 as advertised IIRC the asshimar was a comparitively large mech (haven't checked at MAHQ), this kit completed will be smaller than an average 1/144. *EDIT* Just noticed the instructions say non scale If you like resin and are a detail freak this is certainly for you. Not a kit to build in a short space of time though.



RT1289 1/144 RX-121 TR-1 Hazel

Hi! Folks, just got the RT1289 1/144 RX-12 TR-1 Hazel. I must compliment the staff with their great work with the kit. every detail is casted perfectly. no air bubbles nor deformation. the DECALS blew me off too!! keep up the good work and more power!!



RT0174 1/100 MSZ-007 Zeta Gundam

I am new to E2046. This was my first order and I am very pleased with the quality, not just the quality of the model but also of the service and attention given when I had a question. I thank E2046 for the kits you make available and the affordable prices, that means I can afford more.


La Roy

RT1266  SD VT-1Q
RT1266 SD VT-1Q

after few months long of waiting, i have finally received the kit, meanwhile i have the other sd series of macross. now, i have the full series and just waiting to be build, not to mention the great casting and service. all thanks to Simon and e2046 staffs.



RT0016 1/100 Bang-S.S.I. Kulvulcan
RT0016 Bang-S.S.I. Kulvulcan

Kit arrived safe and sound. Casting is good with fine details retained given that this is another re-release of the kit. I especially felt touched about the well, thoughtful packing of the 3 "tenticles" and the spike with card boards and bubble wraps so that they won't break even if I threw them to the wall (I didn't actually do that though ) This one was not my first order from here and sure won't be the last. Keep up the good work and keep bringing more good stuff to us.


mazinkaiser (HKG)

RT0994  Snake-God Soldier

Recieved model in great condition. Shipping was faster than stuff I've ordered in the States. Packing was the best I've ever seen. Shipping was so cheap! The quality of the model was excellent. No air bubbles or flashing. It's so hard to find these types of models. Great job, Thanks.



RT1275  Gaiking Battle Version

LETHAL WEAPON! Now we can slay burglars with the solid wheels of the monster-bot. The GAI KING 惑ot is dwarfed against this fearsome Mechabeast. Just like always: Cleanly cast, lots of detail. This thing just CRIES "diorama". If you like those "classic" robots - this kit is for you!



RT1188 1/100 LED Mirage Version 3

1/100 LED Mirage Version 3 1/100 A-Toll-BS (Swans) 1/7 Kazami Mizuho Bikini Top Remove 1/100 Siren-F Red M.M. 1/1 Sumomo



RT0779 1/35 ATH-Q63 Berserga BTS 'Blue Knight'

I have been trying to find this for so long. Thanks.


Neo omega

RT1295 1/100 MG Zeong High-Mobile Conversion Parts

The High Mobility Zeong Conversion is a kit that I've been looking for for over a year. Mine just arrived about 20 minutes ago. Basically this conversion takes the Zeong and makes him meaner with extra engines on his back. What's not to love about this design? The delivery time was pretty darned quick. The invoice is dated the 9th of January, and it's the 14th today. That's impressive for halfway around the world. The armored case took a hit, but better it than the kits inside. The cast looks pretty good. One of the kits has such pronounced red lines on it that it almost looks like someone drew on it. I am not a fan of the cast resin joints. I guess I will have to look them up and buy those. Since this is a B Club, the kit calls for 2x D101 and 2x D112 Generally I am pretty happy with these kits. But there was one really shocking thing: breakage. Breakage happens. I'm a seasoned veteran so I can patch this up, but there was something odd about this damage. Both kits were broken in the same spot, the part that goes around the head. In fact it appears that one was brokan and someone tried to fix it, gave up and tossed the part into a another bag and sealed it. I assume it came from the workshop like that. Then one of the boosters was also broken on one of the kits and an attempted repair is evident here too. This one is a bit sloppier but I can fix it. I only mention this because I have gotten literally HUNDREDS of kits from e2046 and this is the first time with damage of any sort. That's a pretty good record. I see they are sold out already, but if you were thinking about it, why? Just get it. For the price how can you go wrong? It's a LOT of resin!


baxojayz (USA)

RT1046 1/100 Machine Mess AUGE

This is my 5th Five Star Stories garage kit from E2046. The service and product is always excellent from E2046. Even this kit was released from 3 years ago (2000 Oct), but E2046 still able to provide good quality recast. I have became VIP after purchase this kit. There was one unfortunate things happened to this kit, its left leg had broken into 2 pieces when I received the kit. This is such an important part for this model, since it requires the left leg to hold up most of its heavy weight from shoulder armors. Simon was really nice, and immediately arranged replacement for this broken part. Thank you! Simon. Cheers,


solartommy (AUS)

RT1419 1/144 AUGE Wave
RT1419 AUGE Wave

Just got the kit. It looks great. Thanks.



RT0992  Akira Motorbike
RT0992 Akira Motorbike

I had 15 year ago the first model kit from B-club, but this model kit is better at all points. Details and scale, decal sheet, etc. Thanks



RT1264 1/100 MH V Siren 104 Prominence Volks

Exceptional recast quality. Fast delivery and good packaging. Most parts of this garage kit is recast in high detail, and almost no air-bubble. Very very little seam lines, and perfect fitting in all joints. I guess I can always expect the best quality product and service from E2046. I will keep ordering as soon as I see another new FSS kit I like. Wish E2046 will be more popular in this new year. Yours sincerely.


solartommy (AUS)

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