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AC2264  Triangular Polished Block
AC2264 Triangular Polished Block

Exactly as described though i wish there was a bit of a larger surface area on these sometimes. But that’s personal preference i suppose

AC2072  Xidetang Brush 00000
AC2072 Xidetang Brush 00000

Exactly as pictured and described.

AC2064  Model Special Tweezer
AC2064 Model Special Tweezer

Exactly as described. No issues here!

AC2315  Martol Brush #00
AC2315 Martol Brush #00

Tiny tiny brush for those tiny tiny details. Exactly as described.

AC1920  Tamiya Putty (White)
AC1920 Tamiya Putty (White)

A finicky tool to master i think, but very useful once you do. Great for filling gaps that are too small for 2 prt putty but too big for liquid

AC2594  Soft Model Special Spraying Clamp

Rubber tips are great to grip onto pins and prevent scratching of resin. Exactly as describes

AC2595  Model Clip Base
AC2595 Model Clip Base

Fantastic clip holder that i don’t fear throwing around when I’m not using it (compared to my plastic rotating one).

AC2536  Color Precision Curved Tweezers For Model

Exactly as pictured and described. Curved tweezers.

AC2394  Polished Block
AC2394 Polished Block

Really nice for just finishing pieces off and getting them super smooth.

AC2375  Small Paint Tray Pack of 12

Very neat little dishes. Good for mixing small amounts of colour and the metal means it doesn't matter so much what thinner you use!

AC2579  MXCS Brush Suit
AC2579 MXCS Brush Suit

Exactly as pictured. Exactly as priced. For what it is? Good.

AC2230  Transparent Rectangular Acrylic Display Base L18

Simple and perfect for what I needed.

AC2071  Xidetang Brush 000
AC2071 Xidetang Brush 000

Fantastic and smooth application.

AC2187  Black Round Wooden Display Base D10

A standard base but a good one.

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