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RT3071 MSZ-000 Zero Shiki Type-02

Didn't have to wait long for the kit. Looks good.


J (Canada

RT1448 RX-78-2 Gundam

Lovely figure with great detail. Can’t wait to build this!


Figuranger (United States

RT2453 Sazabi

The cast quality is really good! The only work on the parts that I can see is removing some of the tabs left. Overall the detail is great, and I'm looking forward to building this!


Inferis (Canada

RT2466 Ra Cailum

very good. ^^ ## ##


grsong77 (Korea, Republic of

RT2945 Dunbine



maxx (Italy

RT3085 Zaku I Conversion Kit

This is my first resin kit. Overall quality is okay, the molding and panel lines look a little soft. The decal quality is pretty low.


Crazedaku (United States

RT3083 RX-78-2 Gundam Extra-Fit Conversion Parts



sky (Taiwan

RT0472 The Rune Mastquer Siegfried

정말 품질이 좋았습니다. 만족합니다.


ploselpina (Korea, Republic of

RT1919 R-9DH3 Concert Master

Always glad to have more shoot'em up model kits. The parts are a little bit hard to identify, but it should be fine with the colour photo for reference.


v2gundam (United Kingdom

RT2771 Beargguy III



Theseus (Hong Kong

RT1237 RX-78-6 Mudrock Gundam Conversion Parts

Questo GK nonostante l'età di produzione ha un fascino particolare. La stampa è perfetta, molte parti che lo rendono massiccio ed imponente. Peccato l'assenza di decal dedicate al soggetto. Nono buoni i polycap in resina. Servizio top E2046.


Mad (Italy

RT3085 Zaku I Conversion Kit

Ottima stampa, molti dettagli e una valanga di deals. Uno dei GK più interessanti degli ultimi tempi.
Consigliato per avere uno Zaku I in perfetto stile The Origin. Servizio top E2046.


Mad (Italy

RT2823 Gundam Artemie

I was a bit disappointed, honestly.I didn't mind the bubbles, or dull edges, or the fact that the mold this was pulled from seems like it's ready fir retirement, really. Those can be fixed. Everything seemed manageable until I got to the back. I seem to be missing the part to connect the bug butt GN drive to the mount on the back skirt, and the GN bits themselves have some sizing issues. Without sanding away parts of the thrusters and beam emitters on the GN bits (the "wings"), there's no way to make the two armor pieces that wrap around the central part to sit flush like they are supposex to. They're still about 1/16 of an inch away from eachother after all of the modification I can do without causing damage. Disappointing for my first kit from E2046.


Red Jack (United States

RT2549 Wargreymon X Antibody Full Action

Received this beauty just recently and part check ok.
A bit disappointed to see the cast is not as sharp as it can be, some of the panel lines are quite shallow or even gone.
The two feet are exactly the same, making it feels like it has 2 right feet.
No show stopper here though


ama (United States

RT0959 Mazinger Z on Flying

I love this kit. perfect casting.


레오레오 (Korea, Republic of

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