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Meifea 1/8 (FG2784)(GA9433)

Meifea 1/8 (FG2784)(GA9433)

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Last Update 2011-09-07 16:20:01

This was a strange kit to work on. Up until this one I've found one of the challenges to be trying to make surfaces nice and smooth and flat. Meifea, on the other hand, has almost no flat smooth surfaces. This did not seem to be conducive to masking, so I skipped it for the most part. I ended up hand painting a lot of this kit. I did go over some areas after hand painting with the airbrush to smooth out gradations between highlights and shadow. I used a very fine tip as I didn't have the benefit of masking to protect other areas. You will probably notice a bit of color bleed at borders between colors, which would normally drive me nuts, but on this kit it seemed appropriate.


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