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1/9 Alien Warrior Halcyon PVC kit(GA9307)

1/9 Alien Warrior Halcyon PVC kit(GA9307)

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Last Update 2011-09-08 17:57:54

Hello, here an old realisation for a french customer, made in december 2007.
Shade have been made like the instruction of the alien warrior from the thrid movie, but with a different color scheme.
Slime made with nylon wire and glue.

The base is not the original one, I've made it myself with plasticard, wooden base and milliput.
Plate name has been made with adhesive sticker.
After that, a mold and a recast have been made. The recast is made with synthetic plaster.

Hoping you'll enjoy the result.


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E2046-Gissing (Hong Kong)


Very nice painting, thanks for sharing^^

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