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FG4782 Dark Elf Combat

FG4782 Dark Elf Combat

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Last Update 2011-09-17 08:59:36

Here is my latest finished model FG4782 Dark Elf Combat ,

You could say she was a commission of sorts but I keep the finished kit :)

E2046 asked me to Do a WIP of Dark Elf Combat for them and this is the finished model .
I can not show the WIP because e2046 now owns the WIP and its up to them how they choose to use it .

The WIP/kit took about 6 weeks on and off to complete ,
She is mainly airbrush ,
the armor/clothing is Createx iridescent Violet ,
most of the fine details in gold and silver was hand painted .

Hope you like her as much as I do :)


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RedSarge (Canada)


THIS model made me totally fall in love with the ORI line, I had waited and waited for too long so a lot of the models are OOP. But I will track them down with you as my inspiration! Thanks!

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E2046-Simon (Hong Kong)


It's cool ~~
Just notice this work being used and published by Italy Model Time # 184
Thanks for share and let more people know the fun of GK building : )

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Crescent (Hong Kong)


Great choices of colours sen!

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