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FG0035 Battle Angel Alita, my fourteenth GK.

FG0035 Battle Angel Alita, my fourteenth GK.

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Last Update 2011-09-21 09:10:11

Well...I don't know, seems destiny, everytime my GK have some defect about parts connection, this figure pose is the right hand touch the hairs, well, the hand was 4 mm. higher respect the connection with the finger-holes in the hairs.

To fix the problem I forced the parts to connect, result the head has a little angle towards behind...and I filled the fissure with wax.

About colors, the black is the famous citadel chaos black spray primer, the rest, vallejo model-air, white+elf flash for the skin, brush for details, a black lavature to finish the arms and pastel dust for shading, the signs on the face are self-built decals.


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