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Asuka in Cheongsam

Asuka in Cheongsam

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Last Update 2011-09-29 04:12:39

I made this for my little sister, Alyssa. Very poorly cast thai kit with really nasty and brittle resin. She requested a medium to dark blue gown, light blue eyes and black hair. Used Pearl EX Pigments on the dress, just a little bit; Createx Pearl Purple undertones on the hair.

Mods: Filled panel lines on dress trim, removed button/fastener from her chest, changed shoes to regular heels and fixed the heel heights bc they are uneven, adjusted front and back of the skirted part so they don't stick out as much, removed fabric around her buttocks so it's smoothed out more naturally, cut and reattached part of her hair at an angle and made new hair parts for a more natural look, heated/bent pigtails so they don't stick directly out the back of her head, sanded down protruding nipples. Sorry pics kinda suck. This is my first time using the light tent in months and I don't have adequete lighting yet.

But anyways, enjoy my long-overdue, second completed kit.


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cutepsyko (Australia)


i'm too lazy to seek for what i have said, but the words "yum yum" will have to do =)

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Kaorikaze (United States)


She's pretty cute! I didnt even notice this was an Asuka kit until I saw her hair barettes! She looks great; even for a brittle thai kit.

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