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Evil Belldandy with Tsukai

Evil Belldandy with Tsukai

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Last Update 2011-11-07 20:10:49

A comission work. The customer wants Evil Tsukai in the white/the good version. Both kits were easy to built but I had to make a huge hole in Belldandys back to fix the tsukai on her x.X
As you ca see, there two typa of pictures:
Blue ones and white ones. Reason for that is, there was an accident after I finished the kit (the first time. My boyfriend put the kit on the windowsill - right over the heater... on thenext day the glossy vanish had tousands of cracks and a huge gad on the lega (where legs were glued on the body). So I had to removed arms ans legs and rebuild and paint this parts x.X
Thats also the reason why the color of the legs is a little bit brighter.
anyway - I still like the kit ^^


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