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1/8 Tsukino Usagi with Luna :)

1/8 Tsukino Usagi with Luna :)

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Last Update 2011-11-17 03:37:59

Hi! :)

I finished this Usagi figure in 2008 but I didn't have time to take some photo. ^^"
Usagi's hair isn't a separated part in this figure. ^^" But to paint her hair wasn't difficult like it seem to be. ^^ (You need to concentrate and need a good brush. ^^)
Brosh: I searched for a good picture for it. ^^
Sailor dress: I dind't use any masking tape. :)
My favourite part was her bag. ^_^ Usagi's bag is soooooo cute. ^_^ Pink Usagi with a very cute fishy. :D

The base has a "Tsukino Usagi" sign. It was a bit hard to paint because I always left the line. XDD But in the end doesn't look bad at all.
I only had to putty her hair a bit. :)
I made big eyes for her cute / smiley face. ^_^ It recognized me the first season when Usagi was so young and naive but she was the happiest school girl ever. :D

Every comments are welcome! ^_^


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meteor_stream (Ukraine)


You did a great job! I've just purchased this kit and I hope it turns out half as good as yours did

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Yaten (Hungary)


Hope to see your Usagi too. ^_^ I saw your works at the Gallery. They are really good! ;) :D

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