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1/6 Chise

1/6 Chise

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Last Update 2011-11-17 05:23:51


I finished this cute Chise one day before smoon. ^^ (Jul 1. 2009) Now I take some photos of her. :-)
I had to re-paint her one day after because my matt varnish was in a "hot" room. ^^" (It was about 32 celsius ^^" That was my room in that summer XD LOL) It made me a lots of problem O_O My kit had a lots of white spots. ^^" (Terrible! ^^""") It was a very scarry scene. O_O Now it's OK, I think. :) Chise had a hard life as resin kit too. ^^"

I loved to build her because this Chise is very cute. =^^= I searched some anime scene when Chise on the date with Shuji. ^^ Chise was in this clothes. ^^ I love this episode of the anime. =^^= I chose the colors then. ^^ (I think it's like on the anime. ^^)
This bright blue clothes suit Chise the most. =^^=

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