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Touhou Project - Cirno (She is smiling! :D)

Touhou Project - Cirno (She is smiling! :D)

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Last Update 2011-11-17 05:38:14


My WIP: http://forum.e2046.com/viewtopic.php?f=62&t=44166

Hi everyone!
I finished my Cirno! :D
My customer want her smiling so I modified her face a little. :) I used the epoxy putty quick type for it.
I made her "necktile" with this putty too. ^^
I think the PVC version is a bit dark so I chose magic blue to her clothes. ^^

Every comments are welcome! ^^


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E2046-Simon (Hong Kong)


Thanks for share. Your color use is definitely outstanding and lead your kit to be more impressive.

Yaten, do you know E2046 just open a specified page for (WIP) here. You can go to Feature and select (Work In Progress). One of significant function is to allow linking up with related Gallery. Please try.

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