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1/6 Kudryavka Noumi

1/6 Kudryavka Noumi

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Last Update 2011-12-04 06:48:52

Kudryavka Noumi from Little Busters~
my favorite character no. 2 (next to Chii from Chobits) is finally done ^_^ I'm so proud about her~ I really love Kud-chan x3
I had to do very much on her especially the cape and the skirt were a hard work ^^' For the skirt i needed 4 trials to get a results i like ^^ I cheating a bit xD The lines are made with paper, copic marker and double faced adhesive tape.
Her Husky Strelka was a Golden Retriever before a modify it.
Everything is painted with Air Brush and the details with brush by hand ^^ I totally love her eyes <3<3<3 But the lines of her cape are not so good ^^'''

Date of finishing: 09.June 2010


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