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1/8 Tsubasa RC Chii pair *custom*

1/8 Tsubasa RC Chii pair *custom*

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Last Update 2012-01-03 23:04:25

This is the 1/8 Chii pair set from Chobits I've turn into a Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle one ^^ I've finished them back in October last year.
They are inspired by a Tsubasa RC chapter artwork by CLAMP.
I've just modified the ears and hair clasps of the white Chii into fluffy one. The dresses are not modified because I like the one of this garage kit so much ^^
I've built two little Mokona Modoki (Larg & Soel) with Magic Sculp too and add some Sakura feathers made out of paper.

Date of finishing: 03.October 2010


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