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1/8 Kudryavka maid ver. *custom*

1/8 Kudryavka maid ver. *custom*

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Last Update 2012-01-03 23:30:24

I've use the 1/8 Louise Gothic Punk Ver. garage kit and modified her fringe to made her into my beloved Kudyravka Noumi from Little Busters! and Kud Wafter. At the time when I saw the original PVC Figure I fall in love with the design~
But I'm not to familiar with Louise so I made a Kud-chan >3< So I cut of the wisps of her fringe and made new one with Magic Sculp. The long wisps I've turn into the one above her shoulders.
Then I painted her ^^ The purple of the ribbons is the same like the one of her cape from the 1/6 Kudryavka I build.

Date of finishing: 17. February 2011


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