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1/7 Kai Hiwatari *custom*

1/7 Kai Hiwatari *custom*

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Last Update 2012-01-04 00:07:27

I've finally finished my beloved Kai Hiwatari from Beyblade in scale 1/7 custom garage kit <3<3<3
I've use the 1/7 Setsuna F. Seiei as Base and Magic Sculpt and Do & Dry modeling clay for the modifying.
I really love him~
First I wanted to make his hair more like the original Kai but the hair of Setsuna was so lovely so i can't set a hand on it xD

Date of finishing: 31.March 2011


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Faye89 (Germany)


oh mein gott!!! der ist sooooo cool!!!! ich bin so neidisch 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

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Greenfire (Germany)


Yeah~ the hair... i mean ok, but the rest! Look at that..., it´s so much a Kai!!! ♥.♥ The hair is irrelevant. I really like that Kit

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A-me (United States)


Ooh, Kai! <3 Wow, you modding skills are super! He looks really, really great! Congrats!

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