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1/350 Space Battleship Yamato

1/350 Space Battleship Yamato

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Last Update 2012-01-04 14:16:19

this has been on my bench for a while now. Bandai 1/350 space battleship Yamato. Really nice kit, but because it is 'snap-together' the seams are rather wide. Because I am a little pedantic about these things, I filled the seams and re-scribed most of the panel detail. A big job. Model is about 70 cm long. Wasn't sure if I should post it in this gallery, but then I thought why not, it is, afterall, from my favourite anime!!! Loved this show when I was a kid, so this model took me back 30 odd years.




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Carturello (Italy)


Very impressionant work! i like very much the smooth!

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the mad painter (France)


a great piece for a fan of sci fi like me
one day i must try do do something like this space battleship

an other amazing work for you

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E2046-Simon (Hong Kong)


very nice !! It must become the talkative thing as happen in any one's home.

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