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Sailor Pluto

Sailor Pluto

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Last Update 2012-04-06 06:31:31

This kit I kind rushed on and wish I didn't but I am addicted to Sailor Pluto so I ran out of patience xD
I might redo her when I have time though! Quickly hand painted.

This kit was a bit challenging than the other kits I have messed with. She is pretty old. I think the back of her head said 1994 on the original cast.
Her skirt was the most challenging out of everything since it was in two half's and there was a large gap on both sides.

So what do I do? Use my sculpey oven to warm up the resin to form it back and it worked! [to a point] lol
The staff was a bit wonkey too so I heated it up too and took care of it. The base was just somethign
temporarily until I have time to make a better base.

The shading on the white areas and her torso don't show up all well on my crappy camera but it has some nice blue purplish tints to it.
I am buying a new camera soon [YAY]


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EmeraldAngelStudio (United States)


Lol yeah I always pictured pluto a native american girl look. I always saw her manga wise till tan and mature like how she is =)

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Chiri135 (United States)


Hurray! It's a tan Sailor Pluto! I don't know how many kits I've seen of her where she has been painted pale...which she's not. XP I love the hair. :3

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EmeraldAngelStudio (United States)


Yes I agree. I think flat colors would have fit her a lil better but I didnt have the necesarry paints for this project this time which I was a lil down about =(

I hope to redu this kit or repaint her again in the future when I have time =)

Yes I love her eyes the most! I enjoy drawing eyes ^_^ I cant wait to see your kit! Its a shame there arent any versions completed by others on here =(

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