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Last Update 2012-04-30 00:20:38

This is KOSMOS from the Playstation 2 game "Xenosaga".
I built her for the E20 summer contest in 2010.
We changed the barrels of her out-of-the-air approaching gun to make it look more futuristic.
Our biggest challenge was the colouring of her clear moulded hair.
Real eyelashes were made of fine brush hair and Swarowsky crystals were added to several recesses of the battlesuit.

Hope you like her ^^


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Rannug (Canada)


I looked through your galleries.. wow, you are doing some stunning work. Very detailed and precise.. great presentation by using different environments in your photos as well. For example the lighting in the first image of this gallery. Looks very futuristic, matching the figurine. There are not many paint schemes I like better then the original, but this one is one of them!!

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the mad painter (France)


a very nice paint for a great figure

i really love this manga sci fi look

well done

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