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My Elementalist (first figurine)

My Elementalist (first figurine)

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Last Update 2012-05-20 04:04:57

My first figurine buildup and painting. It didn't all go as planned but it came together after all. I used acrylic airbrush paints and metal-flake colors. The skin color is mixed using white, red, green and some orange since I didn't have a ready-mixed color.
I used a coat hanger for the pins which worked pretty well. All that is left to do is gloss-clear the eyes and little parts/touch-ups here and there, then wait for the next one which is already on the way :)


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DarkTownArt (Germany)


I LOVE the dress! Such beautiful colors!!

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AndreaModelCat (Italy)


Great work; nice choice the red hair and stunning the rod. congrats

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mangers (Australia)


Yes, such a beautiful job on your fisrt kit - the metalli colours are gorgeous. WOW!


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