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Naga the Serpent, my 39th GK.

Naga the Serpent, my 39th GK.

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Last Update 2012-11-29 18:58:49

I made Lina, why don't build Naga too?
Pratically all airbrush excluding the little details, citadel colors work well with vallejo thinner and they're very covering colors, it's a shame citadel make so little bottles, a entire one is necessary for make a airbrush color.

For the rest this model had two problem, the first one the 4 "x" parts for gloves and boots, and the necklace, this time the cloack junction with body was perfect, but like for Lina, if you add the neckalse, you can't attack the cloak, so this time too there's only the necklace frontal half.

For the pictures, it's the standard problem, but I don't build a "film studio" for a GK model.
I seen now the glue white mosture in the slip, I cleaned the figure, but I haven't the will to restar make pictures, every time we move a gk, there's the risk to broke it.


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smoon (Mexico)


I like so much Naga she is a very funny character! great work!!!! the colors are very vivid!
one tip, try not to use flash when you are taking photos ;)

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