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Maria & Kobato

Maria & Kobato

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Last Update 2013-01-09 13:24:45

Still very new at the GK stuff! Also one of Kobato's ear fluffs are missing :C I may end up sculpting a new one or somethign if I don't ever find it. Kobato was my first attempt at airbrushing, so I'm still learning a lot :)


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Arumi20 (Russian Federation)


You really should not use gloss. It looks very sloppy. Color, use a softer tone, and Temple. Get rid of visibility brush. Good luck in the future!

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dragonwings83 (Germany)


nice work on them, only thing is you should not use a glossy finish on skin and hair parts, try finding a silk mat finish for those parts and you have a perfect look. ^_^

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