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Kanu Unchou Sangoku Version with changes

Kanu Unchou Sangoku Version with changes

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Last Update 2013-03-17 12:30:37

This is Kanu going for an early morning ride or all out run with her horse on the beach. The tide has just gone out and it is still early so thier is no one thier to get in thier way.

I made some changes to the model.
First I gave Kanu a bit more coverage from her top.

Horse's saddle has been re-worked to look more like a real bare back saddle with a nice comfortable saddle pad underneath. English style stirups have been added for Kanu so she can have a more comfortable ride

Othe bridle I added a chin strap and extended the nose cover to full lengh. I was going to remove it but decided to to go the easy way and just apply a little putty.

The horses hoofs have been re-worked. I shaped the inside and added a toe and made a more realistic looking shoe on each hoof.

The dark grey stuf that makes up Kanu's top and tail and some of Denbee's "I named the horse" tack is not painted on. It is a decal I made up from my printer to look like scales.


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Jim (Canada)


Thank you for the coment Crescent.

Posibly a diorama later with smaller scale figures or a single large one.

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Jim (Canada)


Thank you for asking dead_master.

The base is very easy and inexpensive to make.

The main part is a piece of 1/2" plywood. I cut the edge on my router table.
The plywood was then sanded and any realy bad spots filled with wood filler then sanded again.

The next part was making the castle out of modeling clay and baking it. When it cooled down I epoxied it to the plywood.

The fun part is appllying the ground cover. I use spices from the dollar store. No kiding! They are inexpensive and come in every shade the eath does even some that look like scaled down grasses.

To apply the spices I use dry clear white glue like Weldbond that sticks to every thing and thins with water. First I thin the glue so it can be brushed on to were I want the spices to stick. Next the spice mix is sprinkled and presed into the glue. To make layers add spice to glue thined to a milky look. Wile the main layer of spice is wet using a small brush dab this mixture on then add more spice with the same brush dipping the spice will help it stick to the wet spot. Wait a wile and press the edges down.
The whole thing will dry hard with no sign of glue it is inside the spice now. No spice smell either.

The edges and bottom of the base are done in a granite look. This is not hard to do either.
The bare wood was primed in laytex primer and sanded.

I used glosy black,red,white and cream craft paints to make the efect.
base coat of cream apply mixes of the other colours in streaks,lines and spots untill it looks like a picture of granite. Let the paint dry then sand smooth and spray on non yellowing gloss arcrylic avoiding the spice.

I am not sure if you can see them under the front houfs thier are leters. They are painted alphabet macaroni. The alphabets were diped into thined white glue and attached to the base
before painting them.

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Crescent (Hong Kong)


I like her calm expression bro And you should totally try Diorama later on!

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