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Dark Elf

Dark Elf

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Last Update 2013-04-06 06:00:34

Garage kit of a Dark Elf from Lineage II, finally completed :)

Painted in acrylics using airbrush, paintbrushes and some weathering powder.
I didn't like the pale skin look of the pre-painted design, I'm not fond of the blue/grey look of the game, and painting the skin black as a Drow would have been sort of dull... So I went with a friend's suggestion and made her skin a light tan.
Her clothes are a combination of true black and coal black, with the details painted in copper and washed silver.
Depending on how the light lands onto the statue, you can observe some eerie sheen effects ;)

Enjoy :)


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Otohime (France)


Fantastic paint job. So smooth and nice shadows. Love it ^^

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Anastasia (Russian Federation)


One of my favorite elf! Wonderful work.

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