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Helden im Winter NEO GEO

Helden im Winter NEO GEO

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Last Update 2013-07-05 01:36:01

I've imagined a parallel universe in which the Third Reich had won the second world war, so it started a long period of oppression. This model is a winter version of Neo Geo. It is called "Helden im Winter", that means " Hero of Winter". This will be the mobile armour that would be used during the battle of Scandinavia (15th, march 2036) by the nazists. Despite any kind of prohibition, it would be charged with nuclear energy, derived from 238 uranium bars on the back. Winds and snows have rusted it, and the paint has been scratched. I've created personalized decals to obtain the final look, like it was a real armored war vehicle. This work must be seen only as an imagination of a different future, it is not connected with any kind of politic orientation, and it is totally free from any kind of racial hatred. I remind that the war is funny ONLY WHEN IT IS A GAME.


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