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Last Update 2013-08-18 00:48:39

Completed my sixth project. This time it was my very first human character from the game "Bayonetta".

It was a very tough any most tiring project I ever did. It took a great deal of patience to get the details as close as possible. In the end, I'm completely satisfied with how it turned out.

A figure good definitely required a good base. So, the base which you see is custom made based on my design and laser engraved.

Hope you like it. I'll be looking forward to your comments and suggestions.


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Ashfaq (India)


Hi.Great job on all the kits!Looks amazing! Nice to see someone interested in this hobby from India too bad it seems like you are inactive now! Would love to share ideas

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smoon (Mexico)


Awesome job!! she is so beautiful!!!

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tomcat (Germany)


BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Perfect job!

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