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Cibo vs. Sanakan

Cibo vs. Sanakan

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Last Update 2013-09-14 17:34:39

It's my first experiment with decorations and creating a complete diorama scene with SFX and a lot of light sources. So these images are not about figures (both figures have their own galleries with datails etc.), but about atmosphere and building a scene. I wanted to make something like this on GK2013 but I hadn't enough time to finish.
The scene itself is about Cibo and Sanakan fom BLAME! manga. There wasn't such scene in manga so it's just a fantasy. Two characters, two colors and dark Nihei-style cyberpunk environment. It's not actually a fight, but I tried to add tension to the scene.
Also I added glowing transparent displays to Cibo figure to get closer to actual BLAME! manga image which were used to sculpt this figure. Displays are not perfect but I think they add more authentic look to the scene.
3 sleepless nights, 2 figures, 5 different light sources, Canon S5is camera, old humidifier, decorations from junk and verious stuff found in my flat...
Hope you like the result! )


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Paintinfected (Russian Federation)


Man it's awesome!

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Zan Li (Germany)


WOW! I`m truly amazed. You`ve captured the dark gloomy atmosphere from BLAME! very good.
I think Nihei would be proud of you.


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freaXtyle (Garage Whale) (Russian Federation)


Thank you very much everyone! It's great to know that you like my work! It's all for you!!
Here is gallery with notes it anyone interested: http://forum.e2046.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=48239

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