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Kamael- my first one

Kamael- my first one

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Last Update 2014-01-27 04:42:11

Yesterday it grabbed me again and after a week it did me good to draw again in my world back. And I have, without realizing it, to 4 clock painted and tinkered early.
There she is. I must say that on the whole it turned out really great. Only the eyes I find something funny. But this half-slept through view she has from the outset. But my eyes are generally not as well done. Before I screw it even more, I did it then so calmly.
The gold-copper-colored lines are all painted by hand. Actually, the Kamael with skin color in the original more so towards the red-pink-pink, but since I do not so these colors like, I've gone more into the purple one direction. Even if the wing has a very rose-pink touch, it's actually a purple. But before I philosophize here over the camera pictures and colors, it is not really matter, because the color choice is always optional to anyone. A base also follows, she is scheduled with the other elves... the Army is growing *dance*


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Nerdybutfabulous (Germany)


Very cool, THX for WiP Gallery of the day *dance*... and thanks for leaving the nice comments here

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Anastasia (Russian Federation)


Adorable Elf))) This gentle and at the same time combative. Your suggestion I loved painting. Wonderful work!!

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E2046-Jacky (Hong Kong)


Love how she looks under the sunlight!

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