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Mystic Blue

Mystic Blue

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Last Update 2014-11-10 12:10:54

HELLO AGAIN!!!!! It's been a few months since my last entry but once again I have delivered YIPE! This ocean scene was difficult and a little challenging but none the less I have succeeded in my evil plain...I...I...I mean my project. (Cough)
The figure/kit was a little bit easy to put together differently a good beginner project.I know you all are thinking "But I thought you said it was challenging." Let me stop you there and let me explain the challenge was the very fine detail on her thigh just below the bikini line and on her oxygen tank that is what took the longest.


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Luna (United States)


The colors that I used was a mixture.
For the hair the brand of product I used is called Rotring Artist Color it's made in Germany and I love using there products cause they're unique and they blend very nicely.
And For the blue metallic is a product called Dazzling Metallics By DecoArt if you blend the two together you get really sweet results.I normally use a two to one ratio but experiment a little and find what works for you.....Hoped this helps you.

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dragonwings83 (Germany)


lovely version of her. She reminds me of Miku with this hair color. Can you tell me what metallic green-blue you used?

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