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System Failure: Makishima is alive

System Failure: Makishima is alive

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Last Update 2015-03-08 15:43:50

Hi everyone!
This time it's not a diorama. Just a figure with a custom base.
The story is some kind of alternative ending of Psycho Pass 1-st season - So here is Makishima walking among dead brains and yellow liquid after defeating Sibyl System.
The book in his hand - George Orwell's "1984", one of his favorite books.
Brain is made of SuperSculpey and I wanted it to look more like natural brain color instead of anime orange brains in yellow liquid.
Hope you like it.


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Zephyr01 (New Zealand)


Fantastic! Excellent idea for the base and it looks amazing. I like his shirt, it's looks old and worn.
An excellent rendition of a fabulous anime.

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meteor_stream (Canada)


I love how you made his shirt slightly pearlescent. Also, his face looks really lovely!

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