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for 70's Day of Great Victory!

for 70's Day of Great Victory!

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Last Update 2015-05-09 14:46:54

Hello everyone! I made this custom model to celebrate 70's Day of Great Victory. Please welcome - Vera, soviet soldier girl, killer of fascists. It's not reconstruction, just my anime-style metaphor for Victory in Great Patriotic War (name of Wold War II in Russia).
Pilotka (soviet side cap) made special for this figure (original soviet pilotka pictures used as reference).
Display base is also customized. We haven't used original GK base and took an unneeded base from one of our old figures.
Broken Nazi sword is a replica of real Luftwaffe (Nazi air force) officer sword during WWII. I made 3D model of it using a lot of pictures found in google. It's my very first project in Solidworks (great soft if you ever understand the way it works ^____^). Then model was 3D-printed and painted.
Flag is also made special for this project using various materials and interesting techniques.
More details, steps and even a little tutorials soon in WIP gallery.
Hope you like it.

Congrats everyone with the 70's anniversary of the Great Victory day!


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Luna (United States)


Wow, this is fantastic!!!

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razzminis (Serbia)


Fantastic paint job, i like the blood effect and the end of the hair.

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1iquid5nake (United States)


This might be my greatest figure I have ever seen! Excellent! Xopowo!

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freaXtyle (Garage Whale) (Russian Federation)


Great thanks! I love this figure (Azami) very much =)
And tried to create something very special and unusual with this character

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