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EVA-01 - WIP

EVA-01 - WIP

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Last Update 2015-07-22 11:49:36

EVA in progress! This kit was entirely painted with brush, because I still don't have an airbrush...
The resine was very easy to work with, a few imperfections and small tabs, so there was no huge work due preparations.
Painting... well, that was a little more tricky! A lot of colors in the same piece, many details, but all ended well I guess!
There was this part, the charger (?), which doesn't appear in any of the photos in this garage kit page here in E2046. As I'm not an expert on Evangelion, I didn't really know what was that part for, so I attached two magnets in the joints of this piece (and the back of the EVA) and made this part removable.


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avichi (Thailand)


Looking great.
I respect those who uses brush for painting.
(I just do not have the skill to smoothen by paint with brush)
Waiting to see your finish work

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Thici (Brazil)


Thank you very much, avichi! =D
It's easier to paint with brush when the paints work good with this tool. I realised that there are just a few of them who suits brush as much as airbrush... so I'm trying to work only with them to achieve a good result (it's not just skill at all! :lol
Here is the link to the finished work: http://www.e2046.com/gallery/view/16573

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