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Princess Serenity by Misu

Princess Serenity by Misu

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Last Update 2015-12-13 21:14:09

Hi Guys,

I experimented a bit here.

I've always wanted even edit a kit complete with chalk, to see what that would provide for an effect.

So I tested it at the Serenity.

The what you see is completely created with chalk.

I have the kit so well prepared the how to do it (see picture to the loop in white).
Then I wore the chalk at the appropriate points on.
Then I fixed the whole, with paint.

Then the result was extremely intense. So I very gently fogged with primer again on the parts ^^.

Learning to Paint with the primer a connection, thus all is very, very delicate.

I repeated this until I had the desired effect.

now is the small almost finished, only a few details missing.

I find the black circles very nice on her dress and'm just strong temptation to let in that way. but I'll see.

What still is a new challenge, I also want to try the eyes completely to paint with chalk (wet) ^^

Keep your fingers crossed that this works.

Greetings misu


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Thici (Brazil)


It's amazing! Your idea worked very well!
And the eyes are incredible too!

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misukihima (Germany)


Thank you so much Thici.

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