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Saber Arturia Pendragon mounted

Saber Arturia Pendragon mounted

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Last Update 2015-12-13 22:40:42

If this was any one but Saber Arturia I would have just shelved this project long ago.IT MADE MY BRAIN HURT !!!!!
One year 8 months of research on Medieval horse do dads and people armor and some genuine Type Moon art for reference.
with mind bending what the heck will I make that out of sessions She is ready to put in the show case.

It could have been sooner. Being a fussy ass I kept finding extra details to add like fringes on the blanket and the crown then the coat of arms on the barding not to mention the no not good enough do it again moments lots of those and it goes on and on finally I just said STOP! apply paint.
It was tricky not going over the line and creating a Disney Princess. The Model I hope Screams "I am King Arturia Pendragon" Not inspires "Oh look it's Saber on a horse."
I really hope this inspires a skilled Sculptor to make a model like this for production.

Ih ave changed the position of Arturia's head, The collar has been adapted to the new position.

Epoxy glue putty for collar. This is made by mixing epoxy glue and Testors putty. Any putt that thins with alcohol would work. It dries smooth and can make odd shapes or fill very small gaps.

Apoxie Sculpt for blanket and shaping Arturia and Old Skin, Dress Barding harness reigns crown are made from drafting paper it really is cotton , 3M spray glue sticks it together well.

Jewels on crown paintable silicone calking. Fringes and border on blanket plus buckles braided solid wire solder.
Stirrups bent wire lots of grumbling power.

Windows paint in making patterns from big things into small things. First time I used this program.
I used Vallejo model color primer and paint. I did not use varnish since it all dried hard.

The display base is made of plywood puled from someone's garbage the Roman Road is made out of Apoxie Sculpt and ground up dried plaster of Paris.
Check out the work in progress Saber 1,Saber 2, Saber 3, Saber 4 to se the build in full.


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smoon (Mexico)


wow!! she is finished!! incredible work!!!

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Jim (Canada)


Hi Kenka
Thank you for the complement. I turned Arturia's head after she was finished.
That made me bite my nails and sweat blood. It was worth it though. She looks even better now.

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Kenka (Austria)


Ahahaha! It's finished! :D
Looks awesome! All the work really paid off.

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