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Road to El Dorado

Road to El Dorado

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Last Update 2015-12-19 06:27:13

Hi everyone!
Here is our first stand-alone diorama "Road to El Dorado" made specially for small diorama contest in Moscow. This time it's postapocalyptic-dieselpunk style.

The story is about of two girls El and Dorado (El - is a name of original character given by sculptor. And when we decided to combine with another figure we realized that second girl needs a name too. So we decided to do some word-play and continued "El" with "Dorado" - so the pair name is El Dorado - "Golden city"). They are heading to abandoned city "El Dorado". They stopped near a highway to fill the chopper's tank, taking bad gasoline from a crashed car.
1. Figures have many modifications. We made a hood and a bag to Dorado and transformed strange El's stick to a fuel-gun. Also moved the box to Dorado.
2. The chopper is my first complex 3D-model in Solidworks.
3. Sticking back of Cadillac ElDorado'59 is also printed, painted and weathered. Real car didn't have the fuel door in this place but it was the real trend in 50's to hide gas cap behind one of rear lights (Many american 50's cars have this feature)
4. Billboard made of a plastic box. Poster is made of a few scans of 30-50's advertising and magazines, then title was added, printed and glued on a natural veneer sheet squares.
5. Back is a modified concept to the "Last of Us" game, (I redraw vehicles and added a skyscraper from the poster to a city skyline. Printed it on PVC.
6. It's the first time we tried transparent epoxy resin to imitate liquid fuel.
7. Dorado have a lot of fish-style elements. Her fish-head hood, paint and even a small fish hook as a details because "dorado" is the name of a real yellow-blue fish. Also regarding our story she is a shaman from one of coastal wasteland tribes.
8. Computer in a motorcycle back box is a piece of a "kinder-surprise" toy.
9. Lamps on the billboard made from a broken lamp stand.

The same album in HQ here: https://goo.gl/photos/HBJY4V8dgD1he4su5

Hope you like it!

WIP is coming ^____^


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Leckar (Brazil)


Muito bom parabéns

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Zazaza (China)



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QR (Russian Federation)


I'm lucky , I have seen this diorama in life . )

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freaXtyle (Garage Whale) (Russian Federation)


Glad you like it! This year I hope there will be another great project on Big Shelf

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