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[Custom] Super Sailor Moon & Baby Hotaru

[Custom] Super Sailor Moon & Baby Hotaru

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Last Update 2015-12-29 20:24:51

Sorry guys kind winged it on the paint job and photos. Just wanted this sucker done xD

Would have added more strands of hair but ran out of the proper sized wire to make it work. Wings are removable, would have added more colors but don't have a wide color selection on transparent paints. 2nd kit experienced with clear resin so still learning *tear* *really its been 3 kits but yeah xD*

Customization List:
- Paint job lose to manga style
- Wings (can be removable) & Butterflies
- Ear bangs
- Hard to see the reds in her outfit but was going for a redish magenta.


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Shyster (United States)


I bow down to your work. You have truly outdid yourself this time.

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E2046-Jacky (Hong Kong)


Really love your painting, wings and butterflies. Thank you very much for all your works!

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Nehelenia (Greece)


I love the wings, such a beautiful idea

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