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DraGon 3 Complete

DraGon 3 Complete

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Last Update 2016-02-28 01:04:19

Completed Fire Dragon was created using model colour and darker ink washes, painting style is the same as that used for smaller miniatures to create deep details that stand out. The wings were the hardest element as it took three ink washes and really careful dry brushing to get the look of living skin and veins. Though normally with monsters I go for eyes being one colour with out white, it just didn't suite this one at all and I felt the white would really help to bring out the green iris.

Model conversion is completely free standing and did not need the right arm lowered to be centred this was due to using plastic padding chemical metal in the lower joints, tail and middle body when they were pinned, this centres the weight also once model fillers goes over the top its not noticeable once the details are carefully sculptured near the joints.

PS sorry for photo quality photographing models is a new skill which I'm currently learning.


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