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Hoshimiya Keito with infant bicycle

Hoshimiya Keito with infant bicycle

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Hoshimiya Keito with infant bicycle

This should go a finger between the hair was hard sanded.
머리카락 사이에 손이 안들어가서 힘들었습니다.
To adjust the overall tone whenever doeseo be assembled and painted the tone had changed the painting again.
조립을 하면서 도색을 해야했기에, 전체적인 톤조절을 위해 다시 도색을 했습니다.
Completed Do I feel good.
완성하니 기분 좋네요.
I hate making is twice to the kit :)
두번은 만들기 싫은 킷입니다. :)


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meteor_stream (Russian Federation)


I really like the color palette you picked for her. Looks very soft, pastel and smooth

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