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1/8 黑龍裝備獵人

1/8 黑龍裝備獵人

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Last Update 2016-09-18 22:58:31

8th work
Hand painting using acrylic color, enamel color, soft pastels
I didn't play the game, but just like this armor,
no idea with the color, just take dark, grey , silver, white and some red for the sword.
And sorry for her face, not good...
Hope everyone like her, thx

手塗:用了水性油, 琺瑯油, 乾粉彩
沒有玩過隻game, 但很喜歡那黑龍裝備,
配色選了黑白灰銀, 大劍染了紅色
眼睛改了好幾次到現在都不太滿意, 抱歉...
希望大家會喜歡, 謝謝


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smoon (Mexico)


so dark!! and looks so cool!!!! great work!

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Zephyr01 (New Zealand)


An interesting choice of colour. Not sure if I like it. But she is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

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