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Video Girl AÏ - AÏ Amano

Video Girl AÏ - AÏ Amano

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Last Update 2016-10-31 23:07:34

In the early 90's, Video Girl Ai was one of the first manga I have ever read in my life.
Ai Amano is a great character and I really like the Katsura Masakazu' s style (I''s / Shadow Lady / Zetman / Dna²...etc
Thanks a lot guys at E2046 for this very sweet recast.

She is huge ! Around 30 cm high.
I suggest to extend the party down her "Obi" (japanese kimono belt) with Epoxy Putty in order to have a perfect balance of her waist size. Because the cord is not in the middle of the belt. This is a big fashion error for any decent japanese lady with good repute.


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Ikkakujuu (France)


Merci les gars ! / Thanks guys !

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Sho (France)


Beau travail de peinture. Bravo ;)

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Zephyr01 (New Zealand)


Stunning. Beautiful use of colours and superb detailing. Thanks for sharing.

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