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Tali'Zorah vas Normandy
As we fast approaching the release of Mass Effect : Andromeda, i felt obligated to give a tribute to the amazing Series of
Mass Effect 1-2-3.
Favorite character was always the Gypsy lady Tali.
So there she is! A study in purple :D

Project required 27 days to finish.
Alot of sanding and trimming down the excess resin.
Green stuff and miliput was used to seal and close the huge gaps in the head piece.
In close inspection i failed to completely cover the gap, but i think if i insint on doing so i would be forced to resculpt the patterns.

Colors used.

Games Workshop Citadel
Garage Kit.US.
Aero Color

Airbrush Eclipse.


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E2046-Jacky (Hong Kong)


Great painting. We've selected this work as yesterday's gallery of the day and already credited a US$6.00 cash coupon to your account. Please keep going and bring us awesome works don't forget to join GK Contest 2017

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craftsydaddy (Canada)


Somehow you're photos are the sharpest, most beautiful shots I've ever seen in this site. The work you've done is remarkable! this should be gallery of the day!

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simmo (United Kingdom)


Great piece. Got my son this for Xmas n was amazed when it arrived at the detail. Having seen this build I may have to get myself one too.

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