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Nargacuga Ambush

Nargacuga Ambush

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Last Update 2017-04-30 18:20:38

Three felynes on a quest to improve their hunting skills in order to serve their masters better when they were ambushed by a juvenile Nargacuga.
Jinou Airou dodges a lunge from the Nargacuga while Naruga Airou hopes Jinou can keep the beast busty long enough for him to score a hit with his shuriken. Meanwhile Akamu Airou sneaks up from behind for a surprise attack, knowing full well that when and if that spiked tail comes down it'll be the end of him.

I know I will.



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Silver (United Kingdom)


I love this, great little diorama and idea😃

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E2046-Jacky (Hong Kong)


Very cute diorama which makes me remember the moment I was playing monster hunter with my friends. Nice job.

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smoon (Mexico)


OMG!!! Love your mini dio!!! *.* is extremely cool and cute!!! >.<!!! (ca be notice that I'm a MH fan? )

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Daedalus (Belgium)


I wouldn't exactly call it "mini". The dio measures 30cm x 30cm. I'm kinda a sucker for MH kits too

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