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Chaos Wind

Chaos Wind

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Last Update 2017-05-05 00:24:31

It is WWI and things are not going so well for Germany.
So why not Summon a Demon? What could possibly go wrong?

Lots! especially when she is not to bright and comes with a pet dragon and kitty and wants some Snacks !

When I first saw this model I thought " So cute and dumb I can really do something fun with this one"
The kit is so perfect for painting with it's high detail even on the straps.

I added some fill in parts to the base to make the platform look more carved into a natural thing plus the part under the dragons hand and a few other chunks of raw crystal sticking out . I think it makes it look like he is pulling himself out of the earth and regenerating. Please note dragon and kitty both have glowing eyes in their boney sockets.

I tried to make the base look like it is a big piece of buried pink quartz. The German occult specialists have unearthed the crystal cut it and polished the top to make their summoning spell . It reads Durrheinander Wind Ruffin Chaos Wind Summoned. I hope I got the translation to German right.I made this decal in Windows Paint.

The most obvious and interesting addition is her hat. it is a slightly stylized M1907 Feldmützen . This item was issued to enlisted personnel of the Bundeswehr throughout WW1. It is made from epoxy putty and sculpted to fit her head. The red band is made of velum and painted.

Her fancy boot and sleeve tops have a Chinese style to it so I went with black, gold and red . Red is sexy according to a Chinese fashion page. This red is made with a base of Vallejo flat red then a coat of MR Crystal ruby red followed by a clear coat of Tamiya clear orange. Once completely dry all the fancy boot and sleeve tops were given a coat of gloss crystal clear.

The rest of herself is done in Vallejo paints with a spray of mat Crystal clear except for her hair that is finished with satin crystal clear.


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Zephyr01 (New Zealand)


Fabulous. I like your back-story. Her wings are superb. She's amazing. Well done.

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Jim (Canada)


Thank you Zephyr01
Chaos wing was so much fun to make. I am happy you have enjoyed seeing her.
She has become a treasure in my show case. I am trying to decide on my next project.

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