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Ryoko Hakubi

Ryoko Hakubi

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Last Update 2017-05-30 22:18:03

Ryoko Hakubi is one of my favourite all-time anime characters so this model meant a lot to me.
I mostly airbrushed the paints with some hand brushing of small details, such as the "Sake" jug symbol, black cuffs, lips, white balls on feet and gold jacket decoration. I also hand painted the eyes, which are my favourite eyes so far. The eyes are the soul of any model, for me, so I take extra special care and time with them.

I use Tamiya acrylic primer and paints for the entire model. Some stock colours (red, black, white, brown, dark grey, green) and others I mixed (hair, jacket orange, flesh, Ryo-Ohki fur, eye colour). I finished it off with a Humbrol acrylic satin varnish.

Overall I am so happy with how Ryoko finished once I have a suitable stand for her she will be a centrepiece for my collection.


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CadiiJack (United States)


beautiful work

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