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WIP Cloud Strife with Hardy Daytona parts

WIP Cloud Strife with Hardy Daytona parts

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Last Update 2017-07-09 06:13:22

Building the motor:(Parts list numbers on E20;)
1:A little putty work needed at the motorcycle's engine.I PTD the seat.the wheels and the mudguard(matte Black)
2:I PTD the engine with H27002+27004 by50-50%.The l.green parts:Revell62+gl.varnish.I finished the seat's metal parts and the screws
3:Engine's chassis: Testor Steel 27002 by dry painting.I put the engine to its proper place
4:First brakes(Part32,33)and the cooler(Part29)PTD with H27002
5:Motorcycle rim's screws:H27002.H27002+H27004 by dry painting
6:Part47: H27002+H27004 by dry painting and glued to the engine with Part69,70,70,72
7:Suspension parts(38.39): T XF 64 and the metal parts with H27002
8:I glued the brakes(32,33)and the the suspension parts(38,39).Mudguard:H27002+ H27004 by dry painting.Then I put the wheels and the mudguard to their proper places
9:I glued the Part29 to the seat and to the chassis this whole thing.Then I fixed the cooler and the First brakes and the First mudguard too
10:I drilled the Exhausts to make Pipe-like parts.Part13,16,17.18:H171 PTD and glued them to their proper places
11:Rear suspension(42,43): H27002+ H27004 by dry painting.Then I fixed them with the wheel but not with glue but with a pin.:)(The telescopes hanged them.)Telescopes(23,24):H27002+H27004 for the shadows
12:Exhausts: T XF 60 and T XF 64+white by50-50% by dry painting.The wheel clamp color:H27002+27004 by50-50% then with H27002 by dry painting.The bandages PTD with T XF 60 and T XF 64 +white by dry painting
13:Part32 and 33 with H27002+27004 by50-50% then with H27002 by dry painting.Then:Exhausts(Part14.15)with H 171 and the Filters with Revell 62+Gl Varnish.The Part10 PTD by H 14+H27002.Wheel clamp and Tank PTD by H27002
14:Part53,54:T 1780+Revell 731 by dry painting
15:Lampshade by Matte black and the frame with H27002.I used a 10mm diameter Plexiglass and a little metal fiber to imitating the bulb.Part30,5 and 6 PTD by H27002. Part30 glued to the brake and the Part5+6 glued to the steering


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Zephyr01 (New Zealand)


Excellent work! The bike is outstanding. And Cloud looks damned good too. Superb!

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Yaten (Hungary)


Thank you for your kind words! I'm glad I found a pal to paint him together. :D

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