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Armin Arlert

Armin Arlert

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Last Update 2017-08-16 02:48:35

This is a custom build I started back in 2013. The main body was from Levi, hair from Rei and face (with new eyes and mouth) from Lina inverse.
The worst part to paint was his 3d maneuver gear and the details on his jacket and cape.
He's painted with acrylics :)


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meteor_stream (Russian Federation)


Love how the parts came together as a result. How long did it take you to build him from scratch?

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Zephyr01 (New Zealand)


Outstanding! You've done extremely well to fit all those separate parts together so that everything looks like it belongs. Gorgeous colour palette too. An impressive build.

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Kaname (Germany)


You did a gorgeous work! I'm in love

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