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Sailor Moon Manga

Sailor Moon Manga

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Last Update 2017-12-01 20:02:03

This one one of my favourite models E2046 have done up to now (excluding villains they have also recently done).
This particular model was based from the manga so I decided to add the palace below her and also the roses on the moon she sits on like a few images she has had done of her in this pose.
I may redo her as my painting isn't perfect and would love to re do her eyes.
For future I shall keep it on my shelf and pick it up again when I have no other models to make.


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Zephyr01 (New Zealand)


This is a beautiful kit from E and even though I'm not a Sailor Moon fan I'm tempted to buy it simply because it's so beautiful. Your paint-up is clean and fresh with an accurate colour palette. She's stunning, well done.

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Puncegirl (United Kingdom)


thank you very much I'm not a fan of a few things on here but wow it looks good.