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Motoko Kusanagi

Motoko Kusanagi

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Last Update 2017-12-10 19:35:00

Hey guys I'm new here ^^
This is my first GK done ! If you like give me your opinion , It really would help ! Thanks :)


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craftsydaddy (Canada)


Looks awesome for your first time! Did you use airbrush?
Anyway, I think the only thing I can say (disclaimer: I'm still a noob), is that it will look better polished if you sand some of the uneven surface and sand in-between coats to make the surface even and not all bumpy. Or if you don't want too much sanding, you can thin your paint with water or glass cleaner. Cheers!

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Digri59 (France)


Thank you jroldan09 !
Yes I use airbrush despite of my skills at it ^^ I use acrylic tamiya paint which is made for airbrush so it is probably already good To use Or I put more paint than I should
Thanks for the sanding tip because I am still even afraid to touch the pieces xD
Thank You so much for your help ! Your kits are beautiful though ^^

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